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Reading: “On-line Privacy: behaviour, paradox and the law”


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“On-line Privacy: behaviour, paradox and the law”


Lisa Collingwood

Kingston University Law School, GB
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Lecturer, Law School
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This paper considers issues of online privacy violation.  It, firstly, applies behavioural analysis in order to explore the reasons why individuals choose to communicate online and then proceeds to question whether the concept of privacy has become superfluous in this context.  The “privacy paradox” is therefore reasoned and, following this discussion, a future path for legal intervention is proposed based on a streamlined award of discursive remedies for those who have had their privacy violated but would prefer not to go through the courts.


Social media, oversharing, privacy paradox, privacy reform, discursive remedies.

How to Cite: Collingwood, L., 2016. “On-line Privacy: behaviour, paradox and the law”. Journal of Information Rights, Policy and Practice, 1(1), p.None. DOI:
Published on 19 Apr 2016.
Peer Reviewed


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